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Avita Artesian Water, LLC. is a Natural Artesian Water producer and distribution company.  It is one of the select few bottlers to achieve the status of  USDA Certified Organic processing facility.  Avita produces a healthy, eco-socially responsible product that meets the requirements for certification for any state in which the product is to be distributed.  Our natural artesian water won the prestigious award for taste and quality from Berkley Springs International Water Tastings.

The Avita source was discovered in 1942 by Bernard Maurer & Dr.  Bernard Godfroy.  Avita is preserved and protected by its natural environment on 220 private acres in the northern Michigan Au Sable State Forest.

Avita is a twin source that has been flowing continuously (60-70 gallons per minute) for over 60 years, at a constant temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit.  The high alkaline water flows from an inclined aquifer consisting of very porous glacial sand and gravel alluvium (several hundred feet thick).  Avita is all natural, free of any external contaminants, and has been in production since 1997.


Avita Artesian Water is committed to bringing the best quality, ultra-pure, natural alkaline water product to our consumers around the world while increasing their awareness of the benefits of our product as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.



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